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Monday, September 6, 2010

Cricut classes coming!

How many of you bought a Cricut and never learned how to use it? Here is a chance for anyone to learn the basics of the Cricut machine.
Paulette Bretz will be teaching a basic class on Friday, September 24th. at 6:00pm.
The cost is $12.00 and you will learn the basics of how to use the machine. You may bring your own machine, (which is probably better to get to know your own machine), or just follow her on her machine. She said it doesn't matter which machine you have, either will work.
After hearing her talk about it, I was tempted for the first time to buy one. Maybe a good addition to our studio?
Please call to register, 490 4790. We will limit the class to around 12 and schedule another one if we need to.

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  1. What a great idea! I've heard that Paulette's classes are amazing! I have a Cricut, but haven't used it very much! It's one of those things that is really easy to use when someone shows you how! I hope there will be lots more classes with Paulette and the Cricut!