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Friday, March 18, 2011

Misters mystery....

I love the mini misters and I am putting more and more of my larger bottles of ink sprays, into them as well. Here is a small testing I did yesterday.
I used the brand on left first and sprayed the image. Then I poured the same spritzer into a mini mister and sprayed the same image (on different paper of course), and look at the difference.
So many uses for those misters. We have them individually or in pack of 3.

Don't forget we have Needle Felting tomorrow at 10:30 am, and still have some space left.
Also Black Lace card class at 1:00 pm.
Sunday is our first group meeting for Cricut Club. Call for info. 490 4790
Now back to Late Create tonight...until 11 pm.

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  1. Thanks for the help with these misters today at your store, Dolly! I can't wait to try them out at home.