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Friday, April 8, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday, April 16th.

Don't forget our Yard Sale this month. Bring in your gently used or new tools, supplies for paper crafting, and get your account built back up for new supplies.
Here's how it works: Between Wednesday (April 13th. ), and Friday (April 15th.), evening, bring in your items with your name on each piece and price marked. Anything you sell you may use the money in 2 ways. If you want store credit, you get 100% of your sold items total back. If you want cash, then you will get 60 % back, of your sold items total.
Please make arrangements to pick up your unsold items after the sale (Saturday 9 am to 4pm).
We will remain there to pack up for a few hours after closing.
Anything left behind will be donated to a charity for resale.

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