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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moving Day (soon)

Our new home is almost completed, so we are starting to pack some things. Just an FYI of why there are several messes ( oh wait, that's not new). ha
We wanted to let you know that although the sign is coming down, we are not closing-just moving to the front of the same building. We will have a bit more room and twice as much retail area. We are excited and overwhelemed at same time, so a couple classes have been rescheduled. Now a few of you can say, "told you so"......
What we are going to do is close at our regualr time on Saturday (21st) and then stayed closed until the following Friday (Jan. 27th). That way it will hopefully be all in and arranged, and more organized than trying to open our regular hours.
After we do reopen, we will have longer hours and be open on Tuesday's as well.
For the remainder of week, 30% off everything (Christmas is still 50% off). That way there is less to move. Hope to see you in our new place, if not before!

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