Studio is closed, due to fire.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Some things still amaze me.

I wanted to share another "find" in the ashes of our studio. There were a few things I went for specifically to find first. I knew I wanted to check the drawer that the ATCs were kept in (as some club members had already handed theirs in before the fire). The entire cube thing was black, but I finally asked Mary Pat (Mary's daughter), to check it. As she pulled the drawer out, I could see white. I was amazed at her find. These are the 2 drawers from that small (and cheap) cabinet by front window of studio. So I do have some COPICs to start over with and the ATCs were there as well. Unbelievable!!
 If it hadn't been frozen I am sure we could have gotten to a few other things, but they waited too long to let us in, and we couldn't move much of the burnt lumber pieces. But, I am thankful for small blessings too!

Mary is at CHA in CA and enjoying her classes. I am living vicariously through her cell phone photos. Can't wait to see it all when she returns.
Dolly & Mary

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