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Saturday, April 13, 2013

CJ and Autism Awareness month in April

Allison Chapman's son made this poster (which I got from Age of Autism), and I wanted to share it.
  As many of you know I am involved with the Crop-Paper-Scissors Autism Awareness event at the end of the month. It is held at St. Mary's Hospital, for the Center for Children. Since April is Autism Awareness month, I wanted to share my feelings of why I started the crop.
My son, who is now 16 years of age, is my reason for wanting to "do something" in the community. His Asperger's sometimes kept him from some social events as he grew up. It seems we were always at the school trying to sort things out for him, which usually were misunderstandings, because he saw things differently. Although he may appear to be a bully at times, he has the gentlest heart. Eye contact is difficult, but he has grown so much since high school began. He has been in several plays and is really quite a good actor. The reason he told me is, "the script is prepared for me to memorize. I don't have to think of what to say". I'm sure part of his acting ability is because he does not care what people think of him either, he does what the character is told to do. His accents are incredible and I know he likes being someone else even if it's for just a little while.
I guess my point is, that people judge others by their facial expressions or how they hold their head and gaze when being approached. Clothes style pay a part in it too, but my son loves clothes, so he has no set theme and can be grunge one day and dress shirt, vest and bow tie the next. I wish I had his courage to be myself at all costs.
 This is not my son in the photo, he does not like people to "know" he is on the Autism spectrum. But I applaud CJ and his mom for sharing this photo. What a handsome young man he is.
 I love you Ben....MOM


  1. They are very special to us. Thanks for posting. Also, thank you for organizing the Autism crop that gives something back to these special people that touch our lives each day.

  2. You are so blessed to have such a great and talented and handsome son as Ben! Presley does not have autism but she did and does have other issues that have required me in the past and still today to help her understand and deal with emotions and life. She has taught me so much about life and the way things "should be". Our children are not like others and I am so blessed to have my daughter! Dolly, you are a wonderful mother and woman. I have seen how you are with Ben and he is one lucky young man!