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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SALE at Open House this Friday.....

I wanted to clarify some cards I had posted previously. Many of these are samples I make, so you can see what you can do with the paper or stamp used. These are not kits made up to sell, but samples for the studio. If I mention a certain item, it usually means we have it in, (at the time of posting).
When we have a M&T I usually name it as such, so you'll know what to expect when you come in to do it. However, I forgot to mention the Snowman cards as this week's M&T. That is the only one that is a M&T this week, until we have the Open House. That one is always a surprise, (even to me sometimes if I have a brain drain moment).
If you want help finding the items we use, just ask. But we can't offer classes in all the samples or make kits to sell for them either. These are ideas only. We want you to create something on your own too, and copying is a great way to get one made.
Hope to see you at the Open House, on Friday, December 3rd. and remember, it is 40% off everything, except the Laurel Burch and Peanut Brittle from Nana.

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