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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Windmill Toys

We had a very nice gentleman stop in the studio today, (and we don't get many men in there). Donald Barnes came from Owensboro and saw our sign. So he thought he would stop in and show us what he creates, Wind Toys. He makes these by hand and they are very sturdy.
I immediately thought of my parents and how the grandkids would love to see this in action, every time they came for a visit. As the wind blows, it catches the fan windmill part that turns, and makes the horse look like he is trotting.
So although we can't sell them ( I did buy one), I can pass along his name if you would like to buy any for your house.
They do need to be up high, as the windmill parts are metal.
Merry Christmas Donald, and thanks for coming by today.
You can reach him at 270 683 5106

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