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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturday Stamping June 11th.

It is almost time for Saturday Stamping Group. Are you a stamper, or would you like to learn?
This Saturday is our once a month stamping day, dedicated to stampers. You can be a scrap booker or card maker and use stamps. Maybe you only do 3D items, but if you love to stamp-join do we!
10 am to 4 pm for $3.00 a person. Anita is offering a M&T this week and it is lovely. She has several colors to choose from, and this is only one of her samples. The round image is like a collage (looks like quilting).
You may call to let us know you are coming (and we will make sure there is a kit for you to do).
Stay all day, or part of a day , and work on your current projects.

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