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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Supplies we could keep

These are some of the supplies we were able to keep after the classes at CHA. Inks, stamps, die cuts and bling OH MY!
It was all so lovely. At times you feel as though you are in a museum, admiring all the beautiful art pieces. I even met a "celebrity" and an inspiration to me...Debbie Olson. OMG, I was sitting in the COPIC class and texting a friend (who I knew would understand the moment). I recognized her when I walked in and was like a stalker, peeking at her from time to time. Then came my opportunity..she asked if anyone needed any help. With a quick glance around the room, (to make sure no one really needed help), I called out her name. I never thought I would be tongued tied with a "celebrity", but it did happen. I gushed about wanting her autograph and how I mentioned her in my newspaper interview, as my inspiration. I'm sure she's used to nuts like me, but she was so nice and laid back. I even got a hug ...AHHHHH ! ( I am sorry Debbie, but I still had to shower after that, it was so hot there). So now I am desperately trying to find the autograph among the many things we brought back. Hmmm, I didn't check Mary's bag. wink, wink..
Off to work now, will talk later...

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  1. I know what you mean Dolly I felt very honored to have her teach me in the intermediate certification class Sunday before I went to CHA. She was just full of knowledge.