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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Multi image punch idea...

I bought this punch awhile ago, to use in our studio. I must admit I never did get it out myself.
There is a corresponding stamp set that goes along with it (Stampin' Up! ), my "first stamping love". On Saturday Deb Rogers came in and got it out to use, so here was my chance. I wondered once (one of those early morning "aha" moments), if you could lay the stamps onto the back of punch to align them up better to punch the entire image at once. Here is what happened.
It is a pretty good way to use your card stock, so you aren't wasting so much with stamping one image and punching only that one image. If you doing leaves and petals at the same time, I would suggest the markers to color each their correct colors. For this sample I just used an ink pad and all the images were stamped the same color. Kind of cool experiment. For all you SU ladies out there, this one's for you!

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