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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Start with one punch, then turn to do the other side...

I rotated back and forth, punching one flower edge, then turning to punch the other side.
Then turning it back to first flower side and back to complete that flower. I did it this way to line up those tiny marks at top edge of the punch. You know the tiny silver lines going down into the punch from top edge (you use to know exactly where it's going to punch)? Not all of the punches have them, (and I only recently found them myself!)
If you don't do it back and forth, one flower at a time, you can punch all the way down one side.
When you turn it to the other side to punch that row, use those silver lines to line up the first punch, then follow the image alignment (like you normally would). Is that clear as mud?
Here are a couple more photos, hopefully to help out.

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