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Saturday, July 21, 2012

CHA Summer 2012

What a time to remember....the people we met and all the incredible cards, pages and art we saw. Wonderful new lines from lots of companies we all love.
If you read the Facebook page, you will know that I did get into the Tim Holtz class. We went a day earlier than planned, as I got a wait list email. You take your chances trying to get in, but we did. All I had to do was sell tickets to a concert I was to attend in Louisville (my neighbors  Diana Krall , whom they got to see in my place). Then we had to go a day earlier, so I could be in line by 7:00am...hoping for a spot in class. The shuttle was late that morning, and I still had to check in and get my badge before signing in and getting my wait list ticket. I was #8 in line. Then the most wonderful thing happened......they took 8 people from wait list into the class. AHHHHHHHH, I made it in and the class had already begun. We had to play catch up with everyone else, so I had no time to be awestruck with our instructor (TIM friggin' Holtz)!!

It was a work of art we created. Here are photos of the project. What a smile he gives so easily, and patiently stands for photos with every person who asks. 57 and still get tongue tied. (We learn things about ourselves every day.)
More photos to come.

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