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Sunday, February 20, 2011

M&T week of Feb. 22nd.

This week's M&T is a simple design that I borrowed. (As soon as I find my paper again, I can give that person credit.)
Cost is $2.00
Meanwhile, I actually have the M&T ready to post, so wanted to get it up now. We have more classes to post, so I figured I could get them out by Tuesday and find the sheet by then.
As always the photo is a bit darker than the actual color. The green looking background is actually a very light shade. Everyone who comes in to do the M&Ts always comment , "that is much nicer in person". I am hoping to get lights to help with photo shooting. I am hoping for lots of things, but lottery is unobtainable too!

We also finished a long exciting day at Crop for the Cure, at the 4H Center last night. I am still looking for my camera, so we can share those photos too.
Now it's on to the St. John's Ladies Night Out, today.

Enjoy this lovely weather.

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