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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Michelle Zindorf is still coming to visit....

Some of you have been anxiously awaiting a visit from Michelle Zindorf. She is an expert in brayer techniques, and has been planning a visit with us for some time. Since the fire I ahve been tryiong to locate a place in Newburgh to hold this event. I finally heard today that we have a place (which is booked through her site, and had 1 spot left yesterday).
If you are registered for the Beginners and/or Advanced Brayer Classes, Michelle will be contacting you shortly. The classes will be held at #11 State St. in Newburgh.
These classes are pre-booked and paid, so we cannot allow any walk-ins. If you are registered with Michelle and do not receive a message, please contact her through her site  "Freedom In Creating".
If you are registered and have been following her work, you may know this is her last stop on her touring, and we would like to make is special for her. If you want to make a card for her, please do and bring it along to share.
I did have the phone forwarded, so you may leave a message or send an e-mail to:

 It will be so nice to see you next Saturday, Dec. 8th. if you are registered.

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