Studio is closed, due to fire.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Things to be thankful for....

I thought it would be appropriate to post some of the happier times we have shared at MTTC. We are clinging to these memories, waiting for some sort of routine to take hold again.
We so appreciate all of our loyal customers and friends, all the people who have poured out their kindness to ALL of the businesses that were lost to the fire.
As I sat in front of our studio with friends, I was reminded of so many wonderful things. It isn't just Mary & I that are wounded, an entire community of women who love to create are also saddened. As they spoke of the friendships they have formed at our studio, it was clear they felt our pain. Some called it their "home away from home". They knew that they could always find comfort there and friendship.
One friend had gone to her final check up (after having radiation for breast cancer), to have another lady she had just met walk in to "be with her".
These ladies have laughed and cried together. They have trusted their lives in stories to others who shared a common love...paper crafting. Women will always find comfort in being together & sharing no matter where they are. But a place such as ours is indeed a gift we miss.
 Your prayers are appreciated, as is your support and kindness. We are able to check our e-mail from home, and I will continue to look each day when time permits. Hugs from Dolly & Mary.....

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  1. I am so sorry you are all going through this. I am praying for you every day.