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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flourishes & COPICs & weekend away...

Although I didn't get a photo of the new stamps we received, I still wanted to post that they have arrived. A few already are gone. Since I was away this weekend, more might be now. So hurry in to see the newest releases.
We also received our first small order of COPIC Sketch Markers. Start small and add as we can, that's our plan. I just love playing with them and have gotten a "little" better.

I did say I was away this weekend, so I had better explain the next few photos.
We have a Weekend Getaway at Leavenworth Inn, and it was this past weekend. (I actually got home earlier this evening).
Since it is obvious that I am not the best photographer, there are fewer photos than I would like to have had. (In other words, "blurry" is the my new nickname). I'm sure it's my glasses, right?!
Stay tuned over next week as I get more in from other sources.

The first 2 are samples of some of the wonderful items made this weekend.
Turkeys from punches, fun and colorful. Becky, Nancy, Grandy & Angela were making these.

The adorable owl frames were made by Kami.

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