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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Sale...40% off

Let's get the Halloween pages finished, with a sale on all Halloween items. The remainder of this week we'll offer the 40% off, then it will be put away to make room for Autumn and Christmas things.
My favorite time of year, Autumn. When life is changing and all the colors remind us of new growth yet to come. I do prefer the cooler weather too.

We also have some Just The Right Stamps left that are half price too.

More Flourish are on order, since the last new releases sold out in 3 days. There were a couple more releases as well, so those will be in that order too, arriving next week.

Check out the classes still posted and call to register. The Monday classes we open specifically for those times, since we are normally closed. However, if you are attending a class and want to shop a bit after, that is a great time to look around.

Do you have some project you would like to show us? We would love to see your ideas too!
Happy Crafting........

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