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Monday, May 2, 2011

Autism Crop a huge success....Thank You!

Another Crop is past and all went well (except for me forgetting the stamp for the M&T ). I say again, "getting old is not for sissies". Luckily my daughter was working at studio and could rush them in.
Thank you to everyone who donated, to everyone who helped out and to everyone who came!
A big thank you to Shyler's Bar-b-Que, who always supply the lunch. To my friends Lee, Stacy, Kami, Bertha, Kimmay, Lynn, Ryan, Paulette, Mary, Anita & Bob (some of whom I seem to drag into helping me at all my events), and of course my daughter Catherine, a big hug and thank you for always being there for me. I sometimes wonder how you put up with me, but like Bob said, "what are friends for?"!
Thank you also to Doodlebug's Hannah and Melanie, and Scrapbook Central's Heather (and son), to Jennifer Reimer of Stampin' Up! and Michele Mathey of Amuse.
A peek at the cake balls that some of the St. Mary's staff made (Teresa, Cathy, Mary , Belinda & Ann). Too pretty to eat..but we did anyway!

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