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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tatting Classes in July

Do you know what tatting is? The first time I saw it was while nursing in Canada. This lady was using hair, yes hair, to make lovely broaches. Apparently that was used way back. Anything that was very thin and long was used.
I have always been curious about it and now we are offering a chance to learn with Dorcas.
I told a friend about it and she was so excited and ran to get her cards she made 10 years ago (she said to ignore the cards, as she is much better now). My photo is a bit blurry ( I know you're all shocked by this-ha), but you can see how delicate the pieces are.
This is a 3 week course starting Wednesday, July 6th. at 10 am. We have 2 spaces left, as we are keeping this class small. I know there are already 2 people wanting evening classes, so we'll see what we can do.
The funny thing is, Dorcas is the one who taught my friend (I'm sure Dorita won't mind me saying her name), 10 years ago in another tatting class she taught.
The cost is $35. for the 3 weeks and must be pre-registered.

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